His first birthday party - Vintage Carnival

Theo had his first birthday a few weeks ago and what I loved were the details put into it. It was vintage carnival with awesome little things to add a flair and a sense of old time carnival and make you feel like you were at one! They held the party at their house, all DIY!


Theo birthday010

blog apples

They had carmel apples!

Theo birthday007

TY Birthday 448

old school candy, just look at the colors!

TY Birthday 443

cream soda ... and those straws!! how cool ...

Theo birthday003

TY Birthday 231

TY Birthday 068

TY Birthday 212

They even got a real honest to goodness record player!

TY Birthday 408

They had games ...

TY Birthday 438

And old hats, cowboy hats, straw hats, derby hats, you name it hats!

 TY Birthday 372

His Gramma made these gifts for all the guests, they are bottlecaps with a photo of Theo inside of them,

 how perfect is that?

TY Birthday 204 

TY Birthday 361 

This is Theo in his rad new chair, he was loving it! And modeling for me every step of the way!

Happy First Birthday Theo!!