Kelly Moore - "the bag"

 It's FINALLY here! Anyone who has ever shot a wedding knows finding the right bag that you can put your cameras in and also put your lipgloss in and your phone and a pen AND also look girly knows there are few to no options out there. When I saw Kelly coming out with this bag I followed her till it was finally finished and I am so excited about being able to get and use one for my future sessions.

How cool is that that you can turn around and use it for your girly purse! You don't even need to be a photographer to love this bag. See Kelly's site to order.  Also because you are a blog reader of mine you can use this code and order a bag from Kelly and get $50.00 off (code: bloglove)

Vote for me Jan 6 - Jan 8 2010 as many times as you can!

Kelly has a contest out right now -- make a goal and list it and get the most votes and win a bag! Ok, so I'm giving this a shot. Go to this link and vote for me! I am number 81. Look for:

81. Jess Epstein - Oh, let's see just one goal ... ok, definitley to get a Kelly Moore bag! But biggest goal, get focus down till it's sharp as a tack! Jess Epstein / Jess Epstein

I didn't write anything catchy or hilarious or touching, but I am totally all of the above. (wink!)