Go Giants!!!! Go San Francisco!!!!

Call me a bandwagon fan, that's ok! I am so proud of San Francisco and the Giants team right now. All I can hear are horns and cheers and the enthusiasm that has carried San Francisco the past few weeks come to an all time new high. Six years ago I watched my first game at AT&T Park and I had no clue what baseball was or how to play it, my neighbor had to explain what  ... oh I don't want to embarass myself too much! He had to explain the whole game to me. Today although I will never attempt to become the Giants Coach as my career I can say I at least have a small idea of what is going on. I watched the seventh inning when Burrell struck out, bit my nails all the way through, and watched Renteria bring home 3 and I am telling you, I jumped up and down in my skirt, heels and all!! I am so proud of San Francisco and the Giants, the city is awash with excitement, love, loyalty and support!! Go Giants! You deserve this, you are a fabulous team and you have worked really hard for this!