Off to Dartmouth ... after making some Golden Gate memories ...

This girl's goin' places. Β When you get into Dartmouth, well, you know you're a big deal! Huge congrats to you lady, can't wait for you to get going on your next big step in life, so happy I was able to be part of it while you say a temporary goodbye to your home and world-class city. _MG_8840-Edit_jess_15_MG_8770-Edit_jess_08 _MG_8795_jess_13



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Published! Style Me Pretty ... the gorgeous Jen and Jay

Another fabulous wedding with the amazing and inspring Lauri Levenfeld of Zoom Photography ... The combination of Bear Flag Farm, Lauri, the details and this fabulous couple could only have gotten better with perfect weather and that's exactly what we got. A gorgeous day followed by a gray painted and dramatic sky to close out the night. Click on these images to see the full published posting on the famous and beautiful Style Me Pretty!

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 10.15.23 PM


Urban City to the Pacific ...

San Francisco, great urban city to Tennessee Valley in 20 minutes. Just over the Golden Gate bridge, take the first exit towards Stinson Beach. Leave your cell phone at home because when you get there it takes you 5 minutes to lose any cell service you thought you had! Lace up your running shoes and take a minute to breathe in some of the freshest air and get your blood flowing. And in 20 minutes you are on the beach facing the Pacific Ocean. The air smells like salt and pine mixed and the warm sun is all you need to close your eyes for a minute to realize just how lucky you are. This season is going to be a great one, look out for all new updates. Subscribe to my blog on the right hand column to see how this year rolls out. Thanks to all my friends, fans and clients as always. I am looking forward to bringing you all some great images.



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I left my heart in San Francisco

I like this bridge. ... No, I LOVE this bridge. There it stands, at any time of day or night it's beautiful and rich in its deep orangey-red spanning against a skyline you can sometimes see. On those foggy days, it peeks through clouds and the occasional sunshine as it heads over to Sausalito. Sometimes you walk the bridge, sometimes you see it from Crissy Field across the grass or maybe from the Pacific. No matter where you, it's undeniably beautiful. It carries its own distinct romance no matter the weather or time. Happy Valentines Day San Francisco.


photo (19)

photo (21)


Wrapping up 2012

This engagement session wraps up the year, we had a great time. It was sunny, the last week before the rain hit us in the city. We hit the Mission and jumped around for some different looks. Ani and David, can't wait for February! This was such a great time! And the city from these angles was fabulous. _MG_7640_ani_031


Yes, we have palm trees in San Francisco!




_MG_7638_ani_029 _MG_7649_ani_034





Having some fun ... !




A little coffee to get the morning really going ...




Sassing it up! Ani, you do it so well! David is the perfect compliment!



_MG_7971_ani_117 _MG_8028_ani_137


Loved these last shots! Your wedding is so soon! See you in the new year!