Wrapping up 2012

This engagement session wraps up the year, we had a great time. It was sunny, the last week before the rain hit us in the city. We hit the Mission and jumped around for some different looks. Ani and David, can't wait for February! This was such a great time! And the city from these angles was fabulous. _MG_7640_ani_031


Yes, we have palm trees in San Francisco!




_MG_7638_ani_029 _MG_7649_ani_034





Having some fun ... !




A little coffee to get the morning really going ...




Sassing it up! Ani, you do it so well! David is the perfect compliment!



_MG_7971_ani_117 _MG_8028_ani_137


Loved these last shots! Your wedding is so soon! See you in the new year!




Beautiful couple, beautiful day, beautiful city ...

San Francisco is romantic and gorgeous when it is foggy, when the bridge is half covered in haze and you can just see the towers. But on a clear day it is equally stunning and the colors so vibrant. The Bridge was the brilliant red we all know it to be. ...

We scooted downtown as the sun was setting for an urban setting.

...  he says it's the dimple that won him over! who could argue with that?

seriously, how cute are these people ...?

like I said ... Beautiful couple, beautiful day, beautiful city!