I have been nominated! Bay Area A-List!

This year I got an email that I was nominated for the Bay area A-List for Best Wedding Photographer, so exciting!! I would love your support :) If you can take a moment and go to this site and sign up for me I would love to have your vote. It does take a minute but is fairly easy. Friends and family, thank you, thank you!! xox Click on this link below:

Voting Opens January 20th and stays open until March 2nd.


Or this picture!

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Published! Style Me Pretty ... the gorgeous Jen and Jay

Another fabulous wedding with the amazing and inspring Lauri Levenfeld of Zoom Photography ... The combination of Bear Flag Farm, Lauri, the details and this fabulous couple could only have gotten better with perfect weather and that's exactly what we got. A gorgeous day followed by a gray painted and dramatic sky to close out the night. Click on these images to see the full published posting on the famous and beautiful Style Me Pretty!

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The Beautiful Brides Cafe

There is something about driving north of San Francisco and just 30 or so minutes later, winding down a road through Northern California with cows or sheep on either side of you, rolling hills and no cell service.  It's beautiful, cut off from the noise of the city and the rush of the every day, full of space and beautiful as ever, I am so happy to be sharing with everyone, Matt and Robin's wedding at Chileno Valley Ranch covered by Janie of the fabulous Brides Cafe! Please go to this link to see the whole story! A huge thank you to my wonderful second photographer Maria Del Rio for a wonderful day!

Robin and Matt - Published in Sunday San Francisco Chronicle!!

Robin and Matt were married at the beautiful Chileno Valley Ranch and I am so excited to say that their story was covered today in the San Francisco Chronicle!  

Matt is a restauranteur and Robin a ballerina, their two worlds have come together beautifully in this idyllic setting. Matt and Robin found Chileno about three years ago on a search to find grass fed beef for Matt’s restaurant.  Driving up to the ranch that day they had no idea we would not only find delicious grass fed beef, but also stumble upon a breathtaking property, majestic livestock and welcoming ranch owners.  It turned out the ranch owners were ballet fans and they had seen Robin and her company perform many times! The connection they both felt towards Chileno Valley Ranch was immediate. When they got engaged, Chileno was the first (and only) venue they considered for their wedding.  ...


Earlier this year I covered their engagement at the stunning Chileno Valley Ranch. It was beautiful, the farm was just reaching Spring and we got to spend the day around the farm. Matt and Robin got a chance to feed one of the baby calves and while we were shooting, two adorable baby lambs were born!  This venue is so special to Matt and Robin so to cover the engagement and then their wedding here a few months later was truly special.

We had a blast with these animals! Matt and Robin just lived it up with the pigs and the sheep ... peek-a boo!!

Newborn baby lamb just moments after birth!!

The hillside was so peaceful, green and lush with sheep out grazing the hills ... Robin and Matt started to dance around on the hill, rubber boots and all!

Robin had brought along her pointe shoes and very spontaneously we decided to get some pictures of her in Matt's element! It really brought both of their worlds together, Matt's restaurant and a beautiful illustration of Robin's dance abilities.