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There is something about driving north of San Francisco and just 30 or so minutes later, winding down a road through Northern California with cows or sheep on either side of you, rolling hills and no cell service.  It's beautiful, cut off from the noise of the city and the rush of the every day, full of space and beautiful as ever, I am so happy to be sharing with everyone, Matt and Robin's wedding at Chileno Valley Ranch covered by Janie of the fabulous Brides Cafe! Please go to this link to see the whole story! A huge thank you to my wonderful second photographer Maria Del Rio for a wonderful day!

The Bride's Cafe

When you get the opportunity to talk with Janie of "The Bride's Cafe" you are taken. You are talking to a genuinely caring person who supports you and all the others she has blogged about. Her ability to listen to you and give you her undivided attention leaves you the feeling that you have just made a friend for life and this is how I felt. I am so excited to have met her and I can't wait to be able to provide some amazing images for her to blog about in the future. Janie you are truly an amazing person!

Janie has featured Lisa and David's E-session with David and Lisa!! So excited about the wedding coming up!!

Jess Epstein Photography published in The Bride's Cafe & Hello! Lucky




This morning I woke up to a call from my friend Hillary telling me to get onto my computer and go to The Bride's Cafe urgent! I did.

Ok, well I should have believed Hillary when she said she had (with Lisa, one of the Bride's I am photographing), submitted the Bridal shower invitation photo for a contest and there was the invitation on The Bride's Cafe listed right there for all to see. Hillary was the #1 Finalist!

I got that feeling you get when you are so excited your stomach gets all knotted up and you are speechless staring at something, not quite sure what to say but you want to scream and jump up and down. I was so excited!! One of my photographs had been published!

That wasn't the end of it, One hour later Hillary called me again, Hello! Lucky had just featured the same photograph AND all the shots I took of the details that Hillary and Lisa had put together for the shower! A full feature!

Wow -- today was quite a rush.

Hillary -- Mad Props to you and Lisa!!! I am voting for you to win that contest (he he)!!

Needless to say I love both of these blogs!! The inspiration they bring is fabulous!

Janie, your work on The Bride's Cafe is downright beautiful! I can't wait to send you more work!!

Hello! Lucky --You have so many resources and a stunning style! Thank you so much for posting Hillary's work and my photographs! Click on the logos to go to their respective sites!

See my post right before this one for a complete view of Lisa's Bridal shower!

Lisa and Hillary -- you guys are awesome!