Today I'm being published on The Project for Women! An amazing directory full of stories and features of women from Editors, to Business women, to moms, women driving movements to fight for certain rights and freedoms to Entrepreneurs and so many other professions.

When Lauri introduced me to Kinda Kind I knew it was a story I wanted to tell. Kindness as a concept is obvious but in practice, we can fall short or perceive it as a duty rather something cool to be part of. I am so happy to contribute to this fantastic directory of women on TPFW today, having fully produced this story from concept to execution, I am proud to help spread the story of Kinda Kind. I hope you get a chance to read the whole story here

We re-upholstered this website!

So proud to announce my latest project. I was so lucky to work with Kriss Kokoefer of Kay Chesterfield and Betsy Grimm on their new collaboration.  These final images and the whole website turned out fabulous, fun and creative! Kriss is fabulous owner of Kay Chesterfield, a company that reupholsters and I thought she said it best on her new site!

"We believe each piece of furniture deserves special attention when it comes to re-upholstering:  Does the fabric need to be child-friendly? Do you want to make a modern, environmentally responsible statement?  Do you want a bold accent piece with a trendy finish and flashy pillows?  Or do you have a large-scale commercial project that needs to be finished with minimal office downtime? Whether it’s an amazing yard sale ‘find’, your Aunt Ginny’s timeworn sofa, a cat-battered ottoman or 500 outdated office chairs, we’ve refined and mastered our Craft to breathe beautiful new life into any piece of furniture."

I left Kay Chesterfield wanting one of every chair that they had re-upholstered! The fabrics, the textures, the work Kriss' team works with is simply divine. Kriss, you have a fabulous team, so great working with you and Betsy! Can't wait for the next one. A huge thank you to Maria Del Rio who worked with me to make this a fabulous shoot, you are a gem! Love working with you as always!


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