latest photos on film. i love.

I shot film over the holidays and I can't say just why I love it so much. It responds to light different than digital, the colors are different. I really do love film. I love what you get from it. I applaud photographers who are true believers in film and are loyal to it's continued use. you hear it all around; film is not dead. And I believe anyone who works with it and takes some time to use it would agree. so here are my latest favorites.






I love old cameras and winding up film once I've shot the roll ...

Digital shooting is practical, it's efficient and it has more forgiveness when it comes to mistakes. All this is true. But nothing (in my mind :) ) can replace the experience of shooting on film. I love shooting on film. I loveย looking through the glass and lining up the split screen, the pentaprism, you need to get in focus. I love the sound the camera makes when you wind to the next image and the sound of the shutter pounding open and closed. See the sunset -- that's film, beee-u-tiful!